Fortress Investment Group, Problem Solving With Alternative Assets

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) offers innovative ways of investing in the stock market. These ways are what’s referred to as, “alternative” assets. Alternative assets are any type of investment opportunities that isn’t considered mainstream. For instance, if you visits a regular broker or banker they would talk about common investment. While global asset managers like Fortress Investment Group only deals in non traditional assets, hence the name alternative. Alternative assets can be anything that has a redemptive value such as fine art, expensive wines and stamp collections and rental properties and real estate divestitures. Essentially collectibles with a high finance value. Alternative assets also include hedge funds and special real estate deals. This is how Fortress Investment Group became involved in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. The initial real estate venture was set to be the main athletes’ village. The total price tag for the village was in the upper range of a billion dollars. However, the project hit a snag when the real estate market stalled, Fortress feared that the private company responsible for construction wouldn’t be able to repay the money they were advancing to them.

When the slowed down came, there was a definitive end to the market decrease. So, Fortress stop advancing money Millennium, the private company building the village. There was a contingency plan in place, the city of Vancouver promised Fortress Investment Group to cover the entire remaining balance of the loan, if Millennium couldn’t pay.Primarily the services offered by Fortress Investment Group are for people with cash on hand to invest in high finance. They’re referred to as “sophisticated investors,” the category includes private clients of high net work and institutional clients. The specific investment categories that Fortress handles are divided into three classes: credit, private equity and permanent capital vehicles. In 2017, Fortress Investment Group had $43.6 billion assets under management and two new funds were created, an Intellectual Property fund and an Asset Based fund.The leadership team at Fortress Investment Group is comprised of the three of the original five founders.

The team members are: Peter Briger, Jr. and Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. Briger works out of the San Francisco office and he maintain the positions of Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Edens operates out of the New York headquarters as Co-Founder, Principal and Co-Chief Executive, along with Nardone, who’s listed as Co-Founder and Principal.On December 27, 2017 Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank Group Corporation for $3.3 billion dollars in cash. The deal effectively converted all of Fortress’ stock shares to SoftBank. The closure of the acquisition required approval by the shareholders, which was secured in July 2017. As a result, all shares of Fortress’ Class A stock, (FIG) on the NYSE were declassified and are no longer a valid trading option. Prior to the completion of the acquisition deal, Fortress had a productive start for the first nine months of 2017; they raised $1.8 dollars in alternative assets capital.

How Fortress Investment Advisors is Impacting Lives

Fortress Investment Advisors was introduced to the American market several years ago. When the company was still new in the market, many people did not know that it was going to benefit them. The founders in the institution started by assuring the customers that they were in the right hands, and this explains why they have been doing well. These founders put in a lot of effort to build the reputation of the company, and this is why it enjoys a lot of popularity in the international platform. The first office was set up in the US. With time, however, the firm realized that customers in the global market were in need of quality alternative investment services, and this is why it decided to venture into the platform. The investment advisory company has never been disappointed in the decisions it has made when it comes to the provision of services to the people in the world.

Fortress Investment Advisors have very special techniques of dealing with the customers. The customers who want to partner with a reliable company that can deliver great services regardless of the financial climate can be sure that Fortress Investment Advisory is the best place to be. The modern customers have very complex needs, and they require to be handled by professionals who know the nature of their work. The competition that has emerged in the international arena scares very many companies. However, Fortress Investment Advisory has been setting the pace for the other emerging companies because of the services it specializes in. Despite this competition, investors are always sure that the advice they are receiving from the company is perfect, and it will offer them the financial security for their future.The alternative investment department attracts people and companies that have enough funds and the right professionals.

This is what the company has been using since it came into the market several years ago. Fortress Investment Advisory has a procedure of hiring all the people who work in the organization. These people are treated so well when they are working in the institution, and this is what motivates them to work even harder and impress the customers. The company employees are also offered great compensation packages. The employees must, however, be perfect for the job before they can be hired to the position they have applied for. The company has some of the most experienced financial and legal experts in the entire world, and these make sure that the customers and other stakeholders have the high quality products they are looking for.Fortress Investment Advisor is a modern organization that has leaders who know the importance of the latest technology. The company has introduced the technology in its operations, and this is why it is performing well in the tight American market. Fortress Investment Advisory has installed some of the latest systems in the management to make the work of the employees easy. Investors in the firm do not have to worry about any kind of profits they get.

Wes Edens Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group. During his career, he has helped thousands of people with their financial issues. Many people struggle to meet various financial goals. Some people have high levels of debt, while other people struggle with a low income. Anyone with high debt knows how constraining that situation can be.Wes Edens is the type of person who is always looking for alternative investment options. He wants to make a significant difference in the lives of his clients. He knows that alternative asset classes are risky, but they do offer substantial returns compared to other investment options.

Career and Life

Wes Edens attended college and wanted to learn about business. He graduated with a business degree and immediately started working. He learned valuable lessons early in his career. In the corporate world, he worked hard to meet his goals. He was promoted multiple times and gained additional responsibilities. However, he was not happy with the trajectory of his career. He did not enjoy working for other people, and he wanted to have more control over his schedule. He decided to start a company based on financial advice.


Many years ago, Wes Edens decided to start Fortress Investment Group. He wanted to operate a financial planning firm dedicated to providing quality advice to people of all ages. Many people enjoy going to Fortress Investment Group to get financial advice. Unlike most financial firms, the company does not recommend that clients invest in index funds that track the stock market. Instead, the company focuses on alternative assets that clients can use to reach their financial goals. Over the past few years, this has been a successful strategy. Many hedge fund managers talk with Wes Edens to get his thoughts on the overall trajectory of the stock market.

Todd Lubar Investing Advice

Todd Lubar is a prominent real estate professional who lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He is passionate about the real estate industry, and he is both a business owner and a real estate investor. He started investing in real estate at a young age. He wanted to increase his income and have more choices for his future. He quickly learned that real estate investing is not easy. Although he made numerous mistakes, he never gave up on his dream of financial independence.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market around Baltimore is strong. Many people are moving to the area in search of jobs. Todd Lubar decided to start buying homes in the area many years ago. He targets homes in need of various repairs. He believes that this is the best way to get a discount on a house.

As housing prices increase, Todd Lubar believes that rents will rise as well. He now owns dozens of properties in the area.

Teaching Others

With his success as an investor, Todd Lubar enjoys teaching other people the basics of real estate investing. Many people want to learn from his past mistakes. He is planning to direct a college class about real estate investing in the coming years. Check out

Todd Lubar also generates a lot of online content about investing. Some people enjoy reading his investing stories online.

Corporate Career

Todd Lubar has worked for many major companies in the real estate industry. He currently owns a substantial position in a prominent mortgage company. In the last recession, the mortgage company almost went out of business. Many customers defaulted on their loans. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

New Industries

After the mortgage industry went through multiple changes, Todd Lubar decided to diversify his income. He started a demolition company outside of Baltimore. The city is conducting major renovation projects, and Todd Lubar has participated in several projects with this company. He plans to continue expanding the company in the future.

Although Todd Lubar is financially successful, he wants to continue working hard to improve his finances. He is the type of person who is always looking for ways to take his life to a new level. Anyone who wants to learn about real estate should work with Todd Lubar.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice Regarding Stock Options

A while back, stock options were one of the preferred methods for rewarding and compensating employees. However, events are changing rapidly. A large number of corporations have decided to do away with this for a number of reasons. For instance, some are trying to save money since stock options come with a hefty accounting burden that has a likelihood of increasing the relevant costs to higher levels as compared to the financial benefits. Moreover, not all employees prefer this method of compensation since economic downturns often devalue their stock options. All in all, avoidance is not always the solution.


Before scrapping the option to offer stock options, a corporation should at first reflect on the benefits it reaps. For instance, they always lead to better staff motivation. This is as a result of the fact that the success of a company usually translates to a higher share value, and this is the only opportunity when the staff pockets a profit. Accordingly, they work harder bearing in mind the fact that their personal investment is affected. Also, stock options are ideal for any organization since the tax burdens are meager compared to ones incurred whenever top executives are compensated through equities.


Compensation decisions are always challenging to make. In fact, they become hard to crack whenever a company decides to face the decision-making process without consulting the professionals. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the outstanding advisors who specialize in advising compensation committees. Moreover, his services extend to top executives such as the CEOs and management teams specializing in compensation matters. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a specialized law firm that he uses to serve all the clients. Before the formation of his firm, Jeremy Goldstein served previously as a partner in a different law firm where he polished his skills.


The skills possessed by Jeremy Goldstein are not merely results of hard work and experience. They are a complete compilation of the quality knowledge he obtained as a student. In 1995, he graduated from Cornell University and immediately proceeded to pursue his masters at the University of Chicago. At this time, Jeremy Goldstein specialized in Arts, Art History. In 1999, he graduated from New York University School of Law, and this marked the beginning of his career. He has been working at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC for over three years since its incorporation back in June 2014. Learn more:

Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Brainchild Utilizes the Reverse Showroom Model

One of the most unique companies I’ve found today is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The company sells a variety of trendy leggings and athletic wear. It was founded by actress Kate Hudson, who has always been the picture of health and fitness.


While most companies that sell clothes on line ask you to spend time perusing to find exactly what you want, Fabletics sends you a monthly package (essentially an outfit) containing three pieces of athletic wear. Fabletics is said to have the world’s best leggings. I must admit, the outfits are absolutely darling. The clothing looks like something you would wear to brunch, rather than the gym.


The most interesting thing about Fabletics is the company’s model of how it invites you to its online store. Fabletics calls it the reverse showroom model and it feels like the model of the future. Instead of having to go to the store and try on clothing, Fabletics makes a unique customer profile specifically designed for you.


While many stores that traditionally relied on in-store purchases are bleeding during this digital age, Fabletics has designed their website to bring the store experience to its online showroom. The showroom is unique compared to a typical website because, prior to entering the site, you take a short quiz. The quiz asks you about style and workout preferences, even sizing. From there, every item you see is designed to fit your taste preferences.


Kate Hudson founded the company with TechStyle Group, a master of online retail companies. She wanted to found a company that provided active wear that she could feel great putting her name on for years to come. For her, it wasn’t about being the face of the company, but about building something she could be a part of that would help women feel great when they workout. She serves as not only the founder but an active participant in the day-to-day workings of Fabletics. For instance, she works with a team to select the upcoming trends and colors. She also guides the social media strategy. She also worked hard to implement a top customer service program that would make exchanging any items a breeze. On top of all that, she analyzes sales data to make sure the company is always growing.


For those of you who are on the fence about trying Fabletics, the company has a great solution! You can simply visit the company website and check out the Lifestyle Quiz. It is a few short questions about what type of fitness you enjoy and your personal style preference. Once you hit submit, you will be shown a whole world of the fashionable athletic wear for you to get a better feel of just how trendy Fabletics is.

Securus Technologies- Enhancing Peace and Safety in the Nation

Securus Technologies has been in existence since time immemorial. It has always been on the lead in the high tech business. Despite the competition in the business, no other company has been able to take its position. It has a vast number of clients who depend on their gadgets. There many corporations that depend on their services for protection against hackers.

Securus Technologies must protect the individuals who are convicted as well as the public. It must also connect them. Adjusting to jail life is tough and needs some support. The least that the relative of the inmates can do is keep in touch with them.

Securus Technologies has innovated devices that facilitate communication between the two parties. The users are grateful because of the reliability of the gadgets. They say the connectivity is clear and the prices are fair.

The relatives say that this technology has facilitated the healing process of the inmates and they are grateful for the love that they receive during their time in prison. The convict is, therefore, willing to reform and become better individuals to reunite with their families.

Some families say that before their relatives were convicted of crimes, they never had any relationship. It is through Securus Technologies that they get to talk and understand each other and reunite.

The company understands that the gadgets in the hand of the inmates can be very destructive. Some inmates may decide to keep in touch with other detainees in jail and revenge on those who led them to jail. Some convicts may want to stage a prison break.

Securus Technologies has taken precautions against such incidences. They have embedded their gadgets. If anything suspicious happens, they become the tools of investigation. They have helped solve very many crimes. No convict can crack their codes.


USHEALTH Group: Setting Precedence for Proper Insurance Coverage in America

USHEALTH Group, a family of insurance companies based in Fort Worth, Texas, stands out as the insurance provider with the best interest of its clients. The insurance conglomerate is guided by the understanding that a healthy society is a happy society and most importantly, the knowledge that a health cover is in most cases the top of the list for everyone’s needs.

As such, good customer service and innovative insurance options are at the heart of the company’s mission. Each of the company’s insurance covers is underlined by a clear and unique policy that reflects the exact and unique needs of an individual client.

This explains why USHEALTH Group has managed to serve many people, with the company’s data indicating that its customer base has an accumulated total of more than 15.2 million people.

Short and Long Term Insurance

Bloomberg reveals that USHEALTH Group gives its clients an option to buy either long term or short term insurance covers. Short-Term Medical-Surgical Expense plan and Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurance Rider are some of the short-term insurance covers offered by the company.

These short-term covers are aimed at ensuring that those clients who prefer to insure against a foreseeable eventuality- those who buy insurance covers when they need them as opposed to precautionary insurance are well taken care of.

For customers who chose to have their insurance savings locked up, USHEALTH Group gives them up to 15 months to lock in their rates- the first and only company to do that in America. This helps those who wish to plan for an uncertain future are equally taken care of. Over and above that, average claims sent in by clients are processed within a time frame of ten calendar days- again this is precedent setting in the American insurance sector.

Other Insurance Advantages

Professionalism is another key component of USHEALTH Group. The company has well trained Professional Insurance Agents who offer a person to person conversation with clients; there are no recorded machine responses at USHEALTH.

When a client takes a covered healthcare insurance at USHEALTH, they are entitled to first dollar benefits. In simpler terms, the customer is paid a dollar for every expense he incurs up to a specified limit.

Igor Cornelsen’s Secrets of Brazilian Banking

Anyone interested in global banking should take a look at Brazil as an example of a country doing things right with their financial sector. It’s not a matter of luck, either. As banker and Brazil native Igor Cornelsen tells it in an article on, recent decisions made by the country’s banks have proved a huge boon. Read more; Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Part of the reason the private banks in Brazil have been so stable is their lending discretion. They make a point of exclusively lending to desirable borrowers, i.e., those with favorable credit ratings. People with lower ratings can still get money, but they need to focus on those in the public sector.

Brazil is a sizable country, the largest in South America. It’s also full of natural resources and a growing population that needs more buildings to accommodate it. These are things that will bring money in, which give banks more potential to thrive.

Cornelson also notes how much Brazil’s ten major banks play a part in giving the country the eighth-largest economy in the world.

On an individual level, Brazil has the right people. Finance minister Joaquim Levy has the experience and insight necessary to guide Brazil in the right direction. The country has also been shrewd on an international level.

They have a positive relationship with China, their primary partner in trade. Though, Cornelsen does advise paying attention to trade deals between China and other South American countries.

Part of Brazil’s banking success comes from remedying past mistakes to ensure a smoother economy. Their currency, the real, was overvalued for some time. The Central Bank of Brazil utilized dollar swaps to prevent depreciation.

What happens next for the currency and overall economy remains to be seen. For further information about Brazilian banking from Igor Cornelsen, you can find his original article here.

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Philanthropic Activities Create New Opportunities

In 2013, the Kennedy Performing Arts Center launched a fundraising campaign with a target of collecting $125 million. According to my research, the Kennedy Center set aside $25 million for programming purposes and $100 million for the enlargement. Over a short period, the center has surpassed its fundraising goal for its expansion project. According to my statistics, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has added improved its goal by $50 million. My knowledge of the press release by Kennedy Center is that the approved projects will entail approximately $135.9 million. The details of the project include construction of a pedestrian bridge, rehearsal, and educational spaces as well as equipping the center with three pavilions. Among the donors of Kennedy Center is Dick DeVos under the umbrella of his organization.


In 2010, Dick DeVos gave away $22.5 million to the Kennedy Arts Institute. After a while, the center’s name was changed to DeVos Institute of Arts Management. In my opinion, Dick DeVos highly values his name and would like to retain its relevance though calling social organizations using it. The institute provides arts managers with practical sessions in the United States and around the globe. I stipulate that Dick DeVos’ money prize was the biggest individual donation in the history of Kennedy Art Center. Additionally, Dick DeVos’ interest in support of art activities commenced in 2009 when he took part in organizing art contests in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos was born in 1955 in Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos had a strong passion for his family business when he was a child. In my opinion, his association and relation with exceptional individual were nurtured during his childhood. Later, Dick DeVos attended Forest Hill where he graduated. Dick furthered his studies at other different institutions including Wharton School and the University of Northwood. Afterwards, Dick DeVos utilized his skills in the improvement of other individual’s lives through donations. Over his lifetime, Dick DeVos has given away approximately $139 million for charity.


Among the most influential of Dick’s philanthropic courses pioneering of an Aviation School in Michigan. According to my study, the aviation academy is the first aviation high school that is public chartered. Additionally, I provide that Dick DeVos ventured in an aviation institution due to his flying passion. Dick DeVos’ flight school is situated in the Gerald Ford International Airport. So far, many aviators have expressed their interests of supplementing Dick’s charitable giving for the enhancement of the charter school. In my opinion, giving away attracts more suitors thus enhancing opportunities.


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